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Uh, what a tender grip, is that you, ^ Kim? ^26^Ah!^B ^Bon-Bon!^ 'Lickfaster! ' Lick my honey pot! You are sooo good. I'm gonna give k you my i phoney AWhat busy bees.Nope, I'm busy with . myself^Mmph...mmmphmmph!So haawwt!get one of your honeydew melons.~ Shego... I... I want to. squirt into your

7 I'll make you^ cum, Kimmie, as soon as we are in your bed, but now let Shego out, I want to sit k next to a Kaori.Heey, Shego! Quit it. I didn't . cum at all!Is thatjizz dropping off kvour lips?/CMmm mmhHey,^ what are you going toHi, I'm Monique, your biggest fan.mmmhhh.Right now you look like


A nightclub located near Middleton's city limits îjl -■m: v; w; • \P. 1 v m it « r;oi WMlA ) M f : , We want the seventh veil! We want the L seventh veil! YEAAAAHHH!) \cla^c\M CLAP! <W/< / Kimmie! f I a Uimmie^CY, Sheila, you are the next! Are you... ready? Ouch! W' ^ Don't dare to say that name again! It's in our contract, for you it's Shego! >n... err sorry... Shego. Ouch In five minutes, please. Don't vex me, Bonnie. I hate this job. Wearing clothes in disgusting colors. Hey, don't get in rage. See, I'm here! You persuaded me to support you, so here I am. Ready to get naked in public... well... you know... err... the first time that I get payed for it. And it will be all for our aim. We will make it in no time. Let's talk with Kim about her new toy, I'm sure that DNAmy will give Kim a big discount, Kim only has to be... nice to her. .COM - , ________A
Are you aware^ that the door , is still open? A, Does it bother . you? ^ Me neither OOAAHHH! Lick! Oh, yes! Suck! Mmmh! YAAAHHH! Mmllmmll! Err... are you dykes just perverted or is there some reason you to left the door open .while you two perform cunnilingus? V\feit, Lynn, don't move and I'll .show ya ! Bonnie! Turbo gear! ^ Now! Hah?
haaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaa IP''/ f M / Hey. \ M honey bunny, \ 1 we've got ) something / Wr . for ya. y H r Me? Me? x Me? Or do you mean her? Make up your mind, Bunny. I think she means us, us, us. Hehehe! Awww, x' poor wet honey N bunny. Come here k I'll lick you / JK^dry!
 - Yeaaahhh! That was Freaky! We want more! We want \ more! y Hey ^ r Kimmie, how did your dance of , the seven ^veils go 1 A Sorry to hear that, princess. You should do like Bonnie r What a load of crap! It takes way too long to get naked.. r ... but it ^ doesn’t bring me more k cash! ^ f Yes, I 1 wear nothing under this mini dress, , except my \ shoes. / r | wish we i could exchange these outfits. Pink makes . me wanna... a Woop! Woop! buaarrrgh! r No ^ matter how you wear your hair. Now go and make 'em happy. You will \ always be our beauty queen, no matter what you are wearing. Make them cum!
I'm feeling realy bad about this. " She's so brave ” Aaaww, ^ you don't have r Shego^ loves you just like I do, that's why we do this for you^ J But we ^ do need to talk about your clone L project. A I wanted to ask^ you what happened ^ to her before? / r She got \ a full load of Shego into k.her face, y What are you doin'? Hush! Wait and . see. a I thought Lynn isn't a lessie?. ^ Curiousity ^ wetnessed the x. cat. ^ / Gotcha, Adrena Lynn. You claim not being a lesbian? Enjoying Shego's cum? I have a big surprise \ for ya. &C0HIfX
y\ > Kim! This is so mean, sneaking into my room! ■y What are you doing here? k (o) Giggle! DRIP DRIP DRIP Aaww, nothing special. I just made a hot video. Wanna see? You can see a sexy woman touching herself while she sucks up Shego's cum and yet claims to be straight. Someone's buuuuusssteeed. Ja
17Oh oh, no! Shego finished her show. It's about time, Bonbon, the audience is waiting and rreeaallyy hungry for ya. Wrap in your boobs and get out there, you can finish fingering yourself in front of the audience. Some left their seats and are standing next to the stage, some nice girls, too. Go and make them all wet! Go! Now! Did you get naked freely or has Kim caught you masturbating behind the curtain, watching my show? Like you do every evening. / You got horny from J my cum?./ , \ / You... you know that? Oowww! N Certainly. caught her sucking your cum from her dress. Made a nice video. Justan average blackmail © Aawww, is it that hard for you to admit? You don't have to do anything, just enjoy it. You had a taste of me, now I'd like to get a taste of yours. Watching me getting naked on stage? \ \ You don't want to admit it, but you are a lesbian. And it seems that you got the hots for me.
What do you mean by that? I'm gonna lick you 'til you cum. Shego, while you are busy I'll take care of your tips. Be right back. Y Take your time, ^ Kimmie. Oh, and check in on Bonnie, see if she's k doing fine on stage, a Gotcha! Have fun We're alone now. Yes' Yes! \ Eat me! Awwww! Don't stop' nom Gaaahhh AAHH! making me ... cum!^ cuming ¿com
Shego and Adrena Lynn k. how cute. AAAHH! ^ Bonnie is great, ^ but she takes too long Please tell her to ^ finish earlier. ^ Heeeyyy, Viv. What's the sitch? ‘ Well... she always wants to . be the best. /Its almost^ / closing time i so Bonnie's show will be the last, plus I got an invitation v for a date. > Oh, by whom? I’m not sure/ but she is very _ cute. ^ Big date? ^ No, ^ something intimate. ^/\nd are^^ you performing your own little Lshow here?J And miss this show? NOWAY!! Hey Hope! Don't you want /0 go home?/ Oh, yesss! Oh, goosshh I... I didn't expect Bonnie to do THAT on stagey r A^ Here she cums again . Look at that. À Oooh, please do Horny? ^mii AAAAH! AAH! Oh, Bonnie. Always over achieving.
Hmmm Hope.. SMOOCH! Hmm? this ' reminds me1 so much of our .cheerleading ^days... SMOOCH! cummin ^ doing ^ it under the bleachers.. I wanna cum, too Haaahhh Arrrglll ->com
Yah... yahh yyyaaahh. Aaahhhh I think ^ f I broke the au-1 dience, Kim. They ^didn't applaud^ ycmi You ' didn't mention something like that could happen. ¡T They can't WA applaud, Honey. m 'L. Not with one Job hazard w Haha^ Haaaahh! * Ha! ^ r You ^ forgot youn garter belt and now you get to pick up sticky k K bills. ^ Hey, Kim! Kaori wants to see you. Well done, Bonnie. You are fantastic. I know. Special delivery. mmem Y You ^ made up your mind? That's so k great! A
Now tell me,^ Kim, why a clone? Isn’t my dick enough k. forvou? And what about Ron? „ Is it over?., i ^Oh, come^ /-'on, Kaori, your^ cameos are always so rare. Sometimes we don't see each other for months. And Bonnie is currently taking care of her mom . while she , ^ is sick. ^ Cr EwwwI^^P r For like ever, he i only wanted to stick l his little thingy / ^^into my ass.\A/ * Well... how should I... err ^ proceed?^ You jizz~ into a condom err... wait ^ a sec... ^ Bonnie? Are you allright? r These , filthy jerks don't wanna L. leave. A ~ and call ~ Shego, she will Throw them alb outl ÉX0№ Did you just take a photo of ^ Bonnie? ^ Kohl Kaori! You should^ do that on stage. Maybe you will earn more than ^iust by singing.^^ Nope, cum check Shego! Clean Watch me cum Please. f Sure, ^ you may' give me all of your cum, \lHoney.A ^ And? Did^ you check me S. too? 'Gimme that .condom ** 4\ A V s T*

Do you~ like my boobies? Oh! Shego ' Still milking ^ without success, ^ Kimmie? v' r I'm sure it ^ won't take long now that you are here. ^ Nowgive^ Kimmie-Cup what she wants Squirt. Fill kup that rubber. Touch m ^ there_ Now that made me horny. Look, how hard my nipples became. Wanna touch? Im^coS IX <c* Oh... Shego... aaahh! y Uh, oh.^ It doesn't stop; that's already more than the tweebs' k combined.^
Uhh... I've never seen so she's a double squlrter. much cum at once, not even at your brothers. Please don't burst \.^ycO№ V ''m i ' curious ^ how much . is still in L there. A looking at me? “Seems 1 he wants to be close to k you. J What a waste ” Oh lordy, that's too much M/Vhat do\ I do with it?j Gaaahhhh Err... Kim? We can go to Bueno Nacho afterwards, if you are that hungry.A mmm T How ^ about you 'n me making real hot Ljooove? A y No big, ^ for this delivery I'd love to give you a blow job and a quickie, r Still that hard.^ She's got a better condition than r L^the Tweebs...^1 y... when H don't let them fuck me and then they jizz on me every time. Next time they sneak into my ^ room...^i ...I won't say 'no' anymore.
Hnnn Aaah! r Ah... ^ ah... Kim? I'm... I'm about to cum... a Mmmhh! rOh../l Kimmie, you little k slut. A FThere v ' can't be } much cum left, she came so , many j Ltimes.V You always cum so silently. We are alone here, don't you want to shout A AH I Mmhh.. gulp, mnngph mmph, . gulp...
YAAHH! Uuhh, Kimmie enjoys . it! a / SL4M!' SLAM! ^Come on/^ Kaori! Faster! ^ Faster!^ FLOP FLOP! PIOPI FLOP) m cumming ^ Good. ^ Squirt into her pussy and then cover her L. with cum. ^
Now pull out your cumgun and squirt on Kimmie's body. AAAH! . Kim! “ Ah! I... ah... can't... pull., it... aah... out feells too... gooood... L aaaahhh!. I ll give you ^ a handjob, how about that? ^ y COM* I'm gonna burst! ^ Uuh... so ^ much sperm in -v me... so ^ much. ^ rOh, that's so horny! Kimmie wants the rest into her mouth. Let's see if we K hit it. A ^Direct hit! Hehe Gaah Haaaahh V aahh! W!i ¡J 1 z J Wm * 1 71 ■
One minute later Yes, Chrystal? hmm hmm mmm mm hmmm...*/ Whoa! Whose? Certainly. * Tchaikowsky "1812 Overture' XOh, I already did.X f Some days ago I \ wanted to wait for Shego behind the stage and > I caught Kaon enjoyingj _^the view on Shego's/ show... She was just jerking off as I entered. It was the first time I saw her doing this. It turned me so on, how she i"j j squirted and squirted. / / A., why^ don't you ask Kaori to give you some sdirectly^ And then? I offered her my body and said that I'd do anything for some of her jiz, everything. I said that she ) may squirt into me or on me, ^ right here, right now, all that she wants to. « Hmmmh! But she didn't want me. All she said was "no", got dressed and went away. That was quite depressing for me, it seems that I'm not her kind of girl. I haven't seen her doing this again. ycom I Si w 1 i f
She undressed and we did it like rabbits. I came so many times and Shego wondered that I didn’t shout out loud. So she said I would have to stay with her that night, to find out if this is normal i'She found [ out that I always cum silently. Oh, Kimmie! She squirted into you. Kaori is quite productive, so much jiz. Are you on the pill? v/ v ' Come in, my silent bunny, I got more sperm for you, let me show you. No, but my mom got the 'pill after\J r Come and bump me, bang me, squeeze it into my pussy, I wanna have a baby from Kaori. That night with Shego, did she tell you about the AnnGo law before you got there? She loves to forget it. c v 0 V y com*«* i Sot** Would you like to suck it out of me or shall we play scissors sisters? A V 9 V Shego didn't tell me about it, but your mom was such a great surprise, I enjoyed every second with both of them. n. nn m no no r\A CL m r\Q nn in 11 10 10 1 A 1~r 10 m on 04 OO OO O A
Err... AnnGo law? ^ and go Kim is waiting anyhow it seems that we are rather k early .A Back to Shego and Kaori J Would you like to spend the night ^ with Ann You lead quite an interesting life, i But right now, I I need some 7 rest, I'm totally X „ exhausted. r My sex life is not as active as yours, but I would do anything to be with you. Is Kim's mom as hot as Kimmie? And does she like dick girls? Ann is hot, she will eat you alive. She hasn't had a real dick in quite a while. Lets take a shower Kim’s mom, Ann, is divorced. Her husband was cheating on her. Now Ann i engaged with me.' She knows what I am doing here, but every time I have fun with a new gal, I’m bringing her to Ann, or the other way, Ann brings somebody home, so we can have fun together. A sexy arrangement and we have lots of fun, honest and true. Later Aah! Much too early.
“Uuuhh... we'll find out Heeeyy. . Kim! gipsy Haha, <4 f no, these two are ^ my private dates tonight. Gang, you already know Yori . and this is Taci, ^.a penpal of mine.^ Taci, this is Kim, Bonnie, Kaori and Shego Hi, Taci. We want to^ set up our own club, if you want you can have ' I also have1 cute panties. Do you want to have a Hook at 'em j K too? * rWhat a ^ cute dress you \ are wearing, Yori. Come and let me take a closer look at it.. y1 Guys! Are those some new recruits for the club, Vivian? BRm
” Okay, bye, nice ^ to meet you all. Gotta get home ^ now. Have a nice time. ^ W... what? You already want to drive now? C... could you p... please wait a v little? ^ ~ Shego ^ hasn't finished k me yet... ^ A AH! Oh, we will, Kimmie that's for sure. Oopsie. That was some harsh. Poor Yori, her body was trembling . she was just about to cum. x ^ NOOOÍ r| NOT Hooomi! y Uh, now ^ she's masturbating In the middle of the street. You k made her quite horny. Err... could it be that you are still mad at Yori, because she got knocked up Oh, Bonnie, what do you want to hear now? That I'm sooo sorry that Yori didn’t get an orgasm, that she didn’t quirt on my car? Oh, please. ^And we are in a hurry,’ you wanted to get to your mom, right? And Monique Monique? Shego,who is Monique? She's my substitute in Kim's bed. her You'll nxe ^ she belongs^ to us and is quite cute..
Arrival at Bonnie's house Uuhh... is that Monique? Is she ^ a nurse? ^ ^Yes, that's Monique^ not a nurse, but always ^dressed correctly. Pleasant dreams, ^ my love. ^ Good night Kim, luv ya. ^ Errr... Kim? ^ What is Monique . doing there? . In public? Ah, at this time nobody will see. . Too bad. > ^Changing^" Wm^' her outfit y JtiV l guess 1/' At this time the paper boy comes .by, so hurry up ^ So what, ^ he might learn ^someth ing^ .VI T Come on quickie! ^ What? Now? Here? ^ Okay. A
^ Monique is^ such a hottie, I'm getting a boner ^ anain r Awww! Bonnie, look! Sunrise! Ain't v that romantic? A Whatever you say... AAAHH! Ah! Howl^ love bumping your naked body in ^ public._^ ^ Ah! ^ Monique! I'm gonna / Your \ skin feels so good between .my legs! ^ I'd like^l to touch her v boobs, y / Hey, no 1 drop of jizz in L my car! A m Open ^ r the window and grab her Monique will love it. I'm k sure about ^ that. A Yes, touch her, she gets even faster to climax ^ not knowing who is fondling her. I would a give you a hand, but I'm too busy^^fl rinht- No sperm? What shall I .do with it?. Swallow it, fcShega^ Eee
Uh, what a tender grip, is that you, ^ Kim? ^ 26^Ah!^B ■^Bon-Bon!^ 'Lickfaster! ' Lick my honey pot! You are sooo good. I'm gonna give k you my i phoney A What busy bees. Nope, I'm busy with . myself^ Mmph... mmmph mmph! So haawwt! get one of your honeydew melons. ~ Shego... I... I want to. squirt into your mouth cums. A stranger is touching mylboobs^ Mmmh Swallow it. Shego.. aaahhh... all of it... yaaahhh.. Hmphh Uh, Kaori? com What's that?^, Shego front seat!
7 I'll make you^ cum, Kimmie, as soon as we are in your bed, but now let Shego out, I want to sit k next to a Kaori. Heey, Shego! Quit it. I didn't . cum at all! Is thatjizz dropping off kvour lips?/ CMmm mmh Hey,^ what are you going to Hi, I'm Monique, your biggest fan. mmmhhh. Right now you look like vanilla cream filled mint chocolate. mmmhhh m a fan of yours. f 'kay. enoughN jizz guzzling, hop into the car, you two little pervs .X f Í Hmm hmrn\ nmmhhhDhlJ ‘ \ X-
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